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Write Your Book Bootcamp

Ambassador Program

Business Presentation

DP House, also known as Dudley Publishing House (DPH), is the mother-company of multiple imprints such as DPH On-Demand, Next Level-Up Publishing, and more. It is considered one of the fastest-growing self-publishing service agencies in the industry to-date, and is one of the first of its kind to be owned by a millennial African-American couple.


DP House is known for its ability to leverage technology to innovatively offer on-demand course creation, course development, ghostwriting for celebrities and public figures, publishing services, and even training to writers all over the country that teaches how to write a book in just seven days.


DP House, a publishing service company that crosses all cultural and generational barriers; allowing for hundreds of thousands to tell their story to uplift and inspire many.

About DP House

Make a significant stream of income by becoming a WYBBC Ambassador today! All you have to do is get authors and aspiring authors signed up for our 7-day intensive that will help them write their book!


  • Life & Empowerment Coaches

  • Pastors & Spiritual Leaders

  • Counselors

  • College Students

  • People Who Want Additional Income

Become a Write Your Book Bootcamp


Please click on the links below to retrieve the information and material you will need to get started:

If you have any further questions before you get started please reach out to: 



Each affiliate will receive a $100 payment for each person they have referred to the WYBBC. The referral must successfully enroll in a WYBBC course before payout can be given. 

The payout cycle is on the 15th and 30th of each month. 

As an affiliate, you will receive your own unique registration link that your clients (referrals) can use to register for the course. This will ensure that their purchase is tracked under your name and account. 

Each referral will receive 15% off the WYBBC course because they are registering through you! All they will need to do is enter your unique coupon code that you will give them and viola! The discount will apply to the checkout total as they purchase the course. Your coupon code will be generate and sent to you after you've signed up with us as an affiliate. 

If you have any further questions before you get started please reach out to: 


Commission Payout & Things To Know

Now that you're ready to start! You may be wondering exactly how to introduce this book writing program to your clients (referrals). 

It's simple. Start off the conversation with these simple words: 

  • "Hello..., I have partnered with the Write Your Book Bootcamp to help push out new authors."

Please refer to the 2022 WYBBC Affiliate Information Booklet (page 6) to get tips on how to find clients/referrals for this program! 

How to Introduce the Program?

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