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Book Coach/Book Bootcamp Instructor

The DP House Book Bootcamp, infamously knows as the "Write Your Book B is an independent 7-day writing course that is conducted virtually and in our Atlanta, Ga. office, with an enrollment of over 100 students to-date. The "Write Your Book Bootcamp" provides a rigorous 7-day curriculum to prepare writers for success as a new DP House author. The boot camp strives to provide an environment that stimulates creativity, authenticity, clarity, and impactful writing that is sure to educate and elevate the life of our readers At Write Your Book, we hire culturally competent and responsive instructors who believe in the critical importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the life of a person and can effectively incorporate those principles in their teaching. The Write Your Book Bootcamp is looking to add more experienced book writing coaches/instructors to teach on-going boot camp sessions, which may include adults 18+.  
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Prepares course objectives and outlines for courses of study, in conjunction with other DP House staff, following curriculum guidelines or requirements of DP House policy and procedure.
• Participates in DP House staff meetings, educational conferences and teacher training workshops.
• Effectively incorporates principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in teaching and classroom culture.
• Attends training, professional development and education in antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion.
• Communicates effectively with DP House staff and DP House clients (aspiring and current authors) in a timely manner. 
• Leads instructor/student conferences.
• Other duties may be assigned.
  • Other duties as Manuscript Editor is assigned
• English Associates or Bachelor’s degree preferred, not required.
• Two to five years of teaching/coaching experience required. 
• Strong sense of humor, flexibility and desire to work with adult students from all walks of life. 
• Demonstrated successful coaching experience desired.
• Must have a strong spiritual foundation as most of our writers/authors are writing uplifting and/or spiritual books. 
• Attendance at evening and weekend functions is occasionally required.
• Belief in God and the Bible is preferred.
• Proficient use of technology is necessary.
• Must be able to work on campus, for in-person learning if required.
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