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Manuscript Editor

The Manuscript Editor is responsible for detailed substantive editing of manuscripts accepted for publication in the creative works of DP House clients and staff. 
• Edit copy for logic clarity, accuracy, language, and style
• Ensure correctness of areas including but not to scientific/technical/medical/spiritual terminology and adherence to book publishing format and style
• Rewrite and reorganize sections of manuscripts to improve comprehensibility
• Verify all data within articles for internal consistency and face validity
• Review and revise tables for logical presentation of data
• Review illustrations for consistency of data and for appropriate sizing and style
• Review information provided by authors regarding their financial relationships with industry, and assess appropriateness/necessity of publishing the information
• When editing articles/prose/poems or other bodies of written work, be attentive with regard to other potentially problematic legal/ethical issues, e.g., ghostwriting, copyright concerns
• Correspond with DP House Publishing Agents and assigned authors concerning alterations, corrections, or questions
• Work with little supervision and be responsible for all aspects of each article edited
• Read and correct proofs of articles/creative works edited by others
• Other duties as Manuscript Editor is assigned
• Associate's or Bachelor’s degree preferred with at least 2 years of experience in scientific/technical/medical/spiritual/creative writing and editing. Length and level of education not required. 
• Familiarity and comfort level with clinical and laboratory medical/scientific/spiritual/creative writing terminology
• Ability to work with highly technical and specialized material
• Ability to comprehend statistical/analytical/spiritual/creative concepts and to analyze large amounts of data for consistency and logic
• Strong command of language, including grammar, syntax, and spelling
• Ability to recognize and work with idiosyncrasies of various foreign languages
• Ability to recognize elements of accepted articles that could raise legal/ethical concerns
• Highly detail-oriented
• Ability and willingness to work very independently
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Ability to interact and communicate effectively and professionally with authors, editor, and staff
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