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When marriages face opposition, it can be great and difficult to recover, especially if you are fighting alone while your spouse is standing by doing nothing. Learning to come together with God as the centerpiece, can only be achieved with the proper guidance and tools. There are many issues that arise in conflict but the question is, how will you handle it? Will you allow the devil to shoot up your union with your past mistakes and failures or will you allow God to step in and fight on your behalf? These questions only can be answered as you read Before the Shot. It is a testimonial of how my husband and I overcame the devil’s attempt to assassinate our marriage by shooting bullets of our past into our God-ordained union. When we learned not to fight each other, we started aiming our gun at the devil! God’s weapons of warfare were utilized to win the war!


If you are aspiring to be married, this book is for you. If you are married and ready to give up on your marriage, this book is for you. Let the God-inspired wisdom that was poured into Before the Shot, be a blessing to you. It was written with hopes to bring healing and to restore broken marriages. So, grab a seat, sit back and enjoy the showdown between God and the devil as they “shoot it out” for our marriage.

Before The Shot - Sharee A. Smith

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